The IMFELD bus company was founded in 1946 - immediately after World War II - by Friedolin Imfeld (died in 1967) and his son Ludwig (died in 1992) in Mackenbach in Kaiserslautern County. The first vehicle was built using the available material and was used to transport miners of the region to the neighboring mines in Saarland and back home after work. Basically this business existed to the 1990s.


End of the 1940s - early 1950s
After a very successful start, father and son bought four more buses and expanded the business gradually in the following years. At the end of the 1940s, the line bus services became the mainstay of the company to be followed by vacation traffic at the end of the 1950s.


As a result of the company's growth, it had to move to the current headquarters in Landstuhl in 1975 – with its 20,000 sqm a much bigger site compared to the former site. IMFELD's in-house garage for servicing today's 95 vehicles has also found its place here.


Since 1991 the third generation and current owner Frank Imfeld has been responsible for the company founded by his father and grandfather.
From the very beginning IMFELD could operate in and around Mackenbach, Ramstein-Miesenbach and Landstuhl on the basis of a route authorization (§ 42 Passenger Transportation Act) which was then transferred as a community authorization to the "Saar-Pfalz-Bus GmbH" subsequent to a business transfer in 1994. From that time on IMFELD buses have been operated on behalf of the 100% owned subsidiary of DB Regio.


Since January 1, 2013 IMFELD is also licensee for the Neustadt /Weinstrasse region. In close cooperation with the client body and the Rhein-Neckar transport association (VRN), IMFELD operates the scheduled city bus services (lines 502/511/514/515) including two lines (512/517) in the Bad Dürkheim County.